Handheld Suturing Devices


The first showing of our device demo video will take place at TCT, Birmingham on the 28th September during the presentation – From Theory to Theatre Using Additive Manufacturing (Main Stage 10:30-11:00)

This presentation will explore the use of rapid manufacturing techniques processing plastics, resins, metals and laser cut spring plates, as fully functional prototypes for a series of medical devices. Sutrue has designed an automated suturing device using standard suturing needles for all types of suturing, from Wound Closure through to Robotics. The design and prototyping process has used additive manufacturing (3D printing) to reduce the development cost from approximately £3.5m to £50k while reducing development time drastically.


Over the last few weeks we’ve made huge progress with the handheld devices.

Almost all of the device head is now made out of brand new ‘Metal Sintered’ parts from our good friends at ES Technology. The rollers and gears give us incredible grip of the needle during rotation and therefore we can now deliver greater consistency, strength and power during suturing.

Below are the build plates containing parts for both large and small handhelds as well as for the Endo’

ES Build3

ES build1  ES Build2

We’ve also added a new handle which looks great and provides easy access to the battery and electronics inside.

New Look Handle  New Look Handle2

We will shortly be carrying out more test and will share the results in the next few weeks.

Archive videos below.