Sutrue Ltd was set up in 2013 for the purpose of designing an innovative new handheld suturing device. In 2014, Sutrue embarked upon the subsequent creation of a robotic / endoscopic automated suturing device. Both devices are now fully functioning. The team involved in the creation, testing and launching of the devices hold a broad range of skills; from engineering, additive manufacturing, medicine, finance, fundraising and marketing. Find out more about them below.


Alexander Berry Director and Shareholder

Alex originally studied Architectural Design and has since worked in France, the U.S, the Cayman Islands, the Channel Islands and the U.K. Since establishing his own design operation, Alex has invented, developed and created the Sutrue device range as well as completing all of the CAD work and design development. He has established relationships with all of the Advisory Board who have helped in the design process gaining an extensive knowledge in current technology available in the relevant fields.

Rod Anthony

Rod Anthony – Independent Financial Director

With a background as a Finance Director across a range of sectors, Rod has a portfolio of roles and responsibilities. He is currently Director and Chair at Social & Local CIC (a strategic marketing and branding agency), Director of The Innovations in Healthcare Gateway Ltd (a business that support the NHS to identify, protect and exploit intellectual property), Director at Amandor Ltd (a Management Consultancy Business) and a Director and Chair of Audit Committee at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Rod is formerly Managing Director at the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement and he currently acts as a consultant and an advisor to the Board of Sutrue Ltd.

Dr Chris Sutcliffe

Dr Chris Sutcliffe Engineering Advisor

Chris is an international leader in the field of additive manufacturing working on the development of production processes for the manufacture of implantable osseointegrating bio-structures in conjunction with the international leaders in implant manufacturing and world renowned metrology companies. Dr Sutcliffe has advised Sutrue an all of the engineering work on the device, the design of which would not have been possible without his input.


Mr Richard Trimlett Medical Advisor

Richard was appointed surgical tutor in cardiothoracic surgery and consultant adult cardiac surgeon at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London. His main areas of interest are education, intensive care, and the use of robotics in surgery. Mr Trimlett has been advising Sutrue for 4 years and has influenced the design from a users perspective along with having critically tested all of the versions of the device.

Thea Partridge – Communications Director

Thea is a 2005 graduate in Design Management for the Creative Industries (BA Hons). She has significant experience in both Sales and Marketing across a range of sectors- in both B2B and consumer marketing- mass market retailing, brand management, educational development, franchise licensing, new product development and product launch. In doing this Thea has worked both nationally and internationally. More recently Thea has been providing innovative digital and social media consultancy and PR services to a range of prestigious and A list brands. Thea was appointed to work on the marketing, communication and events in February 2018.

Nia Dokova – Director

Nia graduated from King’s College London in 2016, obtaining a BA in International Relations. She first became involved with Sutrue in early 2017 though her work as an Account Executive at PSA Capital. She was appointed to the Board of Directors in January 2018, having spent a year getting to know the business from an investment perspective. Nia’s involvement with Sutrue spans across various aspects of the company: from fundraising and corporate finance to providing business strategy advice and management.