Robotic / Endoscopic Suturing Device

The Endoscopic/Robotic version was first tested in a clinical simulation environment in February 2018, successfully completing a row of stitches, stitches around a corner and tying a knot. Its rapid development has been enabled by 3Dprinted miniaturised parts.


The benefits of using the Sutrue robotic/endoscopic suturing device include:

– Safer and quicker suturing
– Increased access to hard to reach places using the articulation of the device
– Increased suturing accuracy around circular structures
– Compatible with any robotic platform
Potential Applications

The potential applications of the device include all forms of robotic surgery, but particularly the following areas:

– Cardiac
– Thoracic
– Cranial
– Gastrointestinal

This video provides further insights about the benefits and potential applications of the device from Mr Richard Trimlett, Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon and Head of Mechanical Support at Royal Brompton Hospital.


Technical Product Details

As with the handheld devices, almost all of the robotic/endoscopic device head is now made out of brand new ‘metal sintered’ parts from our good friends at GE Additive. The rollers and gears give us incredible grip of the needle during rotation and therefore we can now deliver greater consistency, strength and power during suturing with our device.

Below are the build plates containing parts for both our handheld devices, as well as for the Endoscopic/Endoscopic device.

ES Build3
ES build1  
ES Build2