Handheld Suturing Device

Ten years of intricate product development and we are delighted to announce that the innovative Sutrue automated handheld suturing device now successfully produces automated sutures. The handheld device (and the robotic/endoscopic version) have been patented across the relevant territories. The device is set to revolutionise medical suturing as we know it, from a manual process to a simpler automated process.


The benefits of the Sutrue device over traditional suturing by hand include:

– Safer, quicker and more accurate than suturing by hand
– Accessible for use by inexperienced practitioners and laypeople
– Reduces needle stick injuries and therefore cases of HIV and Hepatitis B within healthcare practitioners

Potential applications

Potential applications for the handheld device include:

– Hospitals
– Field hospitals
– Veterinary
– Dentistry
– Extreme environments (Space)
– Manufacturing
– Textiles industry

The video below shows the steps involved in producing a row of interrupted sutures using the handheld device.

Here’s Professor Pepper and Mr Richard Trimlett comparing using the Sutrue handheld device to traditional suturing by hand.

Professor Pepper and Mr Richard Trimlett demonstrating the Sutrue handheld device working to create automated sutures.

Professor Pepper and Mr Richard Trimlett discussing the applications for the device.