Handheld Suturing Device


Sutrue Handheld devices enclose the sharp suture needle in a cartridge. This minimises the risk of needlestick injury, and therefore exposure to HIV, Hepatitis B, C and other blood-borne viruses.


Faster suturing enabled by the devices will result in efficiency savings, reduced waiting times and less time spent under anaesthetic.


The needle path is repeatable, quick and smooth as it is controlled by the device. Uniform sutures reduce tissue trauma in patients.

Simple to use

Simple to use by design, Sutrue devices enable less experienced practitioners to suture well.

Devices consist of two components: a rechargeable handle and a disposable “head”.

The reusable handle incorporates the motor, rechargeable battery and controls. It is multifunctional, able to drive heads of numerous sizes for different procedures. The “head” comes pre-loaded with the suture of choice, safely contained in a cartridge.

Sutrue Handheld devices have been demonstrated to produce automated sutures in a row, in hard-to-access sites, and tie a knot. A usability study with the Medical Devices Testing and Evaluation Centre (MD-TEC), Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Birmingham, was carried out in August 2019.