ENDOSCOPIC/Robotic Suturing Device


The Endoscopic/Robotic device encloses the needle in a cartridge, reducing the risk of needlestick injury after completion of the suturing process and during clean-up.


Increased speed, especially in robotic-assisted surgery, where suturing remains challenging and cumbersome.


Better accuracy in internal suturing, including around circular structures.

Better access

Improved access to hard-to-reach places using the articulation of the device, enabling more procedures to be performed endoscopically.

The Endoscopic/Robotic device can be utilised for either endoscopic or robotic-assisted surgery, depending on the form selected. When in its robotic form, the device can be attached to any robotic platform currently in use or in development due to the simple drive interface.

Тhe device consists of three parts: a reusable handle/robot interface, а single-use arm, and a disposable cartridge containing the needle and thread.

The Sutrue Endoscopic device was first tested in a clinical simulation environment in February 2018, successfully completing a row of stitches, stitches around a corner and tying a knot on a medical robot.