Sutrue Ltd has created the world’s first automated medical stitching (suturing) devices that use industry-standard needles. There are three versions of the devices; the Handheld Veterinary, the Handheld Medical and the Robotic / Endoscopic. The Handheld devices revolutionise the process of wound closure, which has been the same since Ancient Egyptian times, whilst the Robotic/Endoscopic enables keyhole surgery that has not been possible in the past.

With Sutrue, the suturing process is safer, quicker and more efficient; potentially saving hospitals and veterinary practices millions through more efficient use of surgeons’ time, in addition to reducing needlestick injuries (accidental puncturing of the skin with a needle) in practitioners. Powerful legislation has been implemented in the UK, EU and US to protect healthcare workers from needlestick injury. The Sutrue devices enable healthcare systems and providers to meet their legal obligations by reducing the risk of needlestick injury through the enclosed nature of the needle.

There have been over 10,000 patent applications describing a device that sutures wounds, with patent applications dating back to 1914. However, Sutrue is the first to successfully secure the intellectual property for a working device that can create automated sutures using a standard medical needle. The mechanism that is at the heart of the three Sutrue devices has been patented around the world.

Discover more about the Sutrue story in the brand video below. You can also learn more about the Handheld versions here or the Robotic / Endoscopic version here


The Sutrue devices have utilised cutting edge 3D printing technology to develop the devices through to the working prototype stage and are now entering the regulation stage. The unique and ground breaking nature of the devices has resulted in significant interest from both medical and additive manufacturing press and industries. One of the Sutrue Handheld devices is currently on display at the Design Museum, London, as an example of an innovative application of the use of 3D Printing. Sutrue are regularly invited to attend thought leadership events throughout the world.   

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