Enclosing the suture needle in a cartridge minimises the risk of accidental injury


Speeding up the process of suturing will result in efficiency savings for hospitals.


Improved accuracy results in uniform sutures and better aesthetic appearance.


Conventional needle handling VS Sutrue cartridge

By enclosing the suture needle in a cartridge, Sutrue devices minimise the risk of accidental puncture of the skin (needlestick injury), and protect healthcare workers from HIV, Hepatitis B, C, and other blood-borne viruses.

The devices are designed in response to sharps safety regulations around the world, which compel healthcare employers to protect their staff from needlestick injuries.

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One rotation per second

Speeding up the process of suturing will result in efficiency savings for hospitals by reducing procedure time.

The ease of use of Sutrue devices will also enable lower skilled staff to carry out wound closure.

Patients will benefit from reduced waiting times and reduced time under anaesthetic.

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Hand suturing inconsistencies VS Sutrue uniformity

Improved accuracy results in uniform sutures at the touch of a button. For patients, this translates into reduced scarring and better aesthetic appearance.

The devices also allow for more accurate suturing in hard-to-reach places, adding value to procedures where suturing is still challenging.

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The Sutrue devices have utilised cutting edge 3D printing technology to develop the devices through to the working prototype stage and are now entering the regulation stage. The unique and ground breaking nature of the devices has resulted in significant interest from both medical and additive manufacturing press and industries. One of the Sutrue Handheld devices is currently on display at the Design Museum, London, as an example of an innovative application of the use of 3D Printing. Sutrue are regularly invited to attend thought leadership events throughout the world.

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