Instinctive automated suturing for endoscopic and robotic surgery.


The Sutrue robotic suturing device can be integrated with any robotic system.


Sutrue enables surgeons to perform endoscopic suturing with ease and accuracy.


We empower surgeons to perform sutures with ease in confined and difficult sites.

  • Sutrue devices rotate a standard suture through a full 360° – both forwards and backwards.
  • 180° Articulation and rotation of the entire arm enable instinctive operation.


  • Consistent and uniform sutures in the most restrictive and hard-to-reach sites.
  • Less tissue trauma compared with conventional suturing means improved outcomes for patients.
  • More versatile than staplers: surgeons retain complete control over suture placement, tension and depth.


  • 25% reduction in suturing time offers efficiency and cost savings for hospitals.
  • Reducing overall procedure time means less risk and improved infection control.
  • Patients benefit from reduced waiting times and a shorter time spent under anaesthetic.

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