Sutrue presents at AILU workshop 2018

On 3rd October 2018, the Association of Industrial Laser Users hosted a one-day workshop at the TWI Technology Centre entitled ‘Laser Additive Manufacturing – Overcoming Barriers to Wider Adoption’. This was a poignant workshop topic due to the increasing emergence of additive manufacturing within mainstream manufacturing and the barriers to entry that also present themselves. Subjects covered at the workshop included issues around processes, hardware, software, materials, modelling, certification and testing.

Sutrue recently joined as an AILU member and were honoured to be invited to present at the event. Our talk was based around medical device prototyping and explored the topic of when additive manufacturing (AM) is the best approach to take, as opposed to mass manufacturing. We began our talk with a brief introduction to the Sutrue brand and team, moving on to the device components and how they have been made with additive manufacturing in mind. We then covered the patent of the devices and the industry applications, before moving on to answer the key question – when additive manufacturing is best utilised.

After the presentation, the Sutrue team was pleased to receive a lot of very positive feedback from the audience, in addition to other speakers, about how positive it is to see additive manufacturing being used to create innovative and beneficial products of this nature.

It was a privilege to present at this industry event alongside thought leaders from the University of Birmingham, Laser Additive Solutions, Croft AM, Oxmet, LPW Technology, TWI, Materialise, Sigma Labs, MTC, Lloyds Register, not to mention, major equipment suppliers such as Renishaw.