Sutrue were delighted to present our range of automated suturing devices at the prestigious IDTECHEX event, Santa Clara Convention Centre on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th November. It was an absolute privilege to exhibit at the conference and we were fortunate to have been allocated one of the best spots in the show, a demonstration area by the main entrance. Our location was perfect for engaging with the 3,500 guests as they entered the show! The image above shows Alex and Bob (the Sutrue dummy) ready to meet attendees.

We were overwhelmed with the positive feedback we received from the range of high-profile attendees who came to our stand. After watching a brief brand video, visitors were quick to grasp the importance of our devices, the need for innovation in the market and the range of potential applications. Many offered to connect us to relevant companies and contacts in their network to help us get our devices through the next steps in our road map – fundraising for the regulation process, manufacturing, then out to market. Following on from the enthusiastic reception, we even managed to squeeze in some last-minute meetings, the outcome from which we hope will have some very positive and far reaching implications.

In addition to exhibiting, Sutrue presented our automated suturing devices during a 20-minute talk on Thursday 15th in Ballroom D. Sutrue were in good company, with fellow presenters including Microsoft, Sony Corporation, GE Global Research, Porsche, Toyota and BASF to name just a few. Our talk was entitled ‘Rapid Prototyping: How using 3D Printing and ‘Multi-Typing’ can reduce costs, time and waste when engineering medical device prototypes’ and aimed to share our experience in designing using 3D printing. If you follow this link you can download presentations from the talks (registration with IDTECHEX needed).

All in all, we had a fantastic conference, enjoyed the general friendliness of the Californians and made some excellent connections for the future road-map of our device!